Presidential Fact Finders

To celebrate President’s Day this year, we’re playing Presidential Fact Finders.  The game involves finding fact cards about two of our presidents, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, determining which fact applies to which president, and then gluing them on to the correct silhouette first.


Presidential Fact Finders Game

Here’s how you’ll play the game.  Copy the Presidential Fact Finders printable on colored paper, as many colors as you have kids who are playing.

Presidential Fact Finders 2 page printable

Cut out the fact cards and hide them around your area.  Assign each kid a color and give them their coordinating color of silhouettes.

Presidential-Fact-Finders Then let the hunt begin!  Each time they find one of their colored fact cards they will decide which president the fact is about and glue it on to the appropriate silhouette.  They will race around, trying to find their cards and glue them on to the right president.  The first one done that has them all correct wins.

Additional Layers

Here are a few more fun ways you can use the presidents’ silhouettes:

  • Write a story about each president on top of his silhouette shape.  Little ones could just illustrate the event using drawings on top of the president.  Keep your writing and pictures within the facial lines so it creates shape art.  If you need more than one page for the story you could print out several silhouettes, cut along the lines, and put them together to create a silhouette shape book.
  • Look at a real picture of each of the  presidents and draw in his facial features on to the silhouette.
  • Use the silhouette to create a giant coin – a penny for Lincoln and a quarter for Washington.

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