Odds and Ends

Layers of Learning odds and ends.  Here you’ll find lots of holiday ideas and some other random gems to make your family and your homeschool stronger.

Homeschooling an Extrovert

Public school is tailored quite well for extroverts, but homeschool can provide a unique challenge for an extroverted kid.  Extroverts get energy from people, so being home and quietly tending to the tasks of schoolwork can feel draining for an extrovert.  While your introverted child will sit quietly with a book, doing research, and writing …

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homeschooling the introverted child

Homeschooling An Introvert

I am the parent of six introverts.  I am strongly introverted so it’s no surprise that my kids are too.   Homeschooling an introvert is, in general, easier than homeschooling extroverts.  This is because two of the hallmarks of introverts are quietness and a desire to be at home.  Your extroverted children may clamor to go …

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Valentine’s Mystery Dinner

It’s almost time for our annual Valentine’s Mystery Dinner.  Holidays are a huge part of our home.  I believe fun family traditions help build strong families.  Time spent together is well spent.  I also believe in showing my kids that you can have fun and enjoy life in small, simple, beautiful ways.  My husband and …

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Veterans Day Poppy Craft

Veterans Day and Remembrance Day are observed on the 11th of November every year to honor those who have served in the armed forces.  The 11th was chosen because it is the anniversary of the day the armistice was signed ending World War I. Because the red poppies really did cover the graves of the …

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Heart Attack!

Have you ever given someone a heart attack?  Normally, not such a good thing, but this style of heart attack will be appreciated…adored even.  Just cut out a bunch of paper hearts with love and admiration messages all over them.  Write every single sweet thing that you can think of about the person.  All those …

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Pi Day Activities

Happy Pi Day!  It’s 3.14, so today, you’ve got to teach your kids about Pi with these Pi Day activities! For every circle, no matter it’s size, the distance around the edge (the circumference) is about 3.14 times longer than the distance across the circle (the diameter).  Pi = 3.14, that amount that it is …

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