Printable Coordinate Planes

Here are some printable coordinate planes for you to use.  The first is a large one with just one on the page.  This is great for when you are introducing graphing.  You can plot quite a few points on one plane.  Just click on the image to take you to the printable coordinate plane worksheet.

Coordinate Plane
Coordinate Plane

And here is one that includes four per page to save on paper when you’re making several graphs.  Again, just click on the image to take you to the printable coordinate planes worksheet.

Coordinate Planes
Coordinate Planes

Coordinate planes make for a fun math lesson.  The concept is simple – just take two numbers, called coordinates, and graph them along each axis.  It’s good practice to always label your axes with a x (horizontal axis) and a y (vertical axis) at the beginning.  Khan Academy has an excellent short video tutorial on how to graph on coordinate planes.

The Coordinate Plane:

A couple of tips:

  • Always label your axes first
  • Let kids used colorful markers.  A little color makes for more fun.
  • Remember that coordinates are listed in alphabetical order (x,y), meaning the x coordinate is listed first, then the y follows)
  • Identify the root “quad” in the word quadrant.  Quad means four, which is why we call 4-wheelers “quads.”  Quadrant just means one of the four sections on a coordinate plane.  The word can seem intimidating until you break it down.
  • Make the lesson fun by creating a simple picture dot-to-dot style and having the kids solve for the picture.
  • Reverse the lesson and have them create a dot-to-dot picture for you to solve.  They have to write the coordinates for you to solve.
  • Look at a real life example.  A pediatrician graphs the height and weight of growing children to make sure they are staying on track with their growth and are not malnourished or overweight.  Every time I take my kids to the doctor I see their chart and can watch to make sure they are at a healthy weight.


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