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Travel brochures are a great way for kids to record information about neat places around the world.  With the internet it’s really easy to find travel information, but it’s still more fun to go find a travel agency.  They have lots of free full color brochures and cool insider information.  And when you make your own travel brochure, you’re sure to remember all those fun facts you learn as you put them in one place.

Kids can choose a place, find out all about it, and then create their own travel brochure describing what it’s like, the fun things to do there, and why they would choose it for a destination spot.  There are also blanks for drawing or cutting and pasting pictures of their vacation spot.  The Travel Brochure is in tri-fold format.

Making travel brochures is a terrific combination geography/reading/writing assignment.  Hope you grab the printable and try it.

Additional Layers

  • If you want to get really creative you could even use it as a history activity.  (Imagine you were a European getting ready to travel to America for the first time during its colonization.  Maybe you’re a knight heading to the Holy Land for a crusade.  Perhaps you’d like to visit the Egyptian pyramids during their construction phase.)  Pick a time period AND a place and you’ve got a history activity as well.
  • Make a map of your destination to go along with your brochure.
  • Have kids create a travel commercial along with their brochure that is used to convince you to travel there on vacation.

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23 thoughts on “Travel Brochure”

  1. busy kids = happy mom

    Hi – I'd love to print this out, but I can't get the link to work. Can you help? Thanks so much! Kristen

  2. I think I fixed the link. Sorry about that! If you have more trouble, I'll happily e-mail you the pdf!

  3. I am a special ed teacher and this fits perfectly into my I Love NY unit, What else do you have that works so well in my classroom

  4. would you mind emailing this link to me? I would totally appreciate it. I want to open the PDF please. Thank you in advance

  5. Hello ,
    I love the printable and would like for you to send me the Lind to the newspaper link and the brochure. I teach 5th grade and I can use them . Thanks soooo much!!!!

  6. just found this and cant wait to use it tomorrow for my World History class!! It is going to be a travel brochure for wither Sparta or Athens!

  7. Hi! I love your ideas! Do you have an editable (non-pdf) version of the travel brochure? (Even if it’s for sale?) It’s so awesome, and I want to add a back side with 3 more areas. I have some free (& other) things I’ve created (I’m a gifted/enrichment teacher) that might be great for homeschooling too if you want to browse: (just sort by “free” when searching)

    Thanks so much!
    Lisa Davis

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for the link. I will definitely check out what you have in your shop. I love Teachers Pay Teachers! Sadly, because of font copyrights we don’t distribute our editable files. However, if you want to email me with some specifics of the fields you would like added I would be happy to try to modify the file to suit your needs. Email me at if you’re interested.
      Thanks a bunch,

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