Layers of Learning history includes cultures from all over world like Ancient South America, Medieval African Kingdoms, and Modern Israel plus all the typical topics like Ancient Egypt and the Renaissance.  Explore history hands on with printables, crafts, models, reenactments and more.

Free Printable Age of Exploration Timeline

Use this printable timeline to learn about the Age of Exploration with all of your children.

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Map of the Viking World and a Viking People Craft

Start by coloring a map of Viking raiding and trading routes. Then make a printable paper Viking craft of Viking people.

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poster of the first amendment

Bill of Rights Games & Activities For the Family

Learn about the Bill or Rights with a matching game, a first amendment poster, and some second amendment shooting practice.

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How To Make Baucis and Philemon Puppets, A Greek Myth

Use the printable puppets to retell the Greek myth of Baucis and Philemon. This tale is from Metamorphosis by Ovid, the source of most of our Greek myths.

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Print and Play a Medieval Indian Ocean Trade Routes Game

Print and play a game to help you learn about medieval Indian Ocean trade routes. You can play this game with all of your children at once.

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Color the Free Printable Map of Anglo Saxon Kingdoms

Learn about the Anglo-Saxons and then color this map of Anglo Saxon kingdoms in Britain in about 700 AD, after the invasion was complete.

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Color an Interactive Map of Ancient Egypt

Color this map of Ancient Egypt with all of your kids, discuss the cataracts, trade routes, pyramids and more.

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Free Printable Game to Learn About Types of Government

Play this government matching game with your kids from 5th grade and up. Match definitions to the types of government and types of economies around the world.

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Print and Craft Abraham Lincoln’s Stovepipe Hat Timeline

For use with early grades and middle grades kids up to about 13 years old. Learn about the life of Abraham Lincoln with this timeline to craft.

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coloring a map of the scramble for africa

Scramble For Africa Map

For kids from 10 years old and up, a printable Scramble for Africa map as the European powers carved up the continent in the late1800s and early 1900s.

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