Sample Lessons

These sample lessons are examples of the sorts of things you will find inside our Layers of Learning Curriculum. They are hands-on, engaging, and interesting. They’re also intended to be a springboard for taking you onto more “layers” of learning for your family as you explore the library, online resources, and further related topics. The explorations you’ll find here include library lists and additional layers, elements also included inside our units for sale.

Free Printable Art Cards For Art Appreciation

Art appreciation is a huge part of the Layers of Learning art program. You can get to know the world’s greatest art and artists with these fun games and free printable art cards that go along with many of the Layers of Learning units.

Money Management For Teens

Money management for teens is probably the most important life skill you can teach your kids before they are sent out into the world. It comes right after reading, writing and arithmetic. An inability to control money or ignorance about how it works will spell misery for an entire lifetime. Here are some basic points …

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