How To Draw . . . Art Lesson Warm-Ups

At the beginning of many of our art lessons we do a quick draw as a warm up.  In fact, my kids enjoy it so much that even though we don’t have art lessons every day, they almost always have a 5 minute practice sketch.  The kids and I all pull out our sketchbooks and do a quick draw sometime during our school day.


Yes, I sketch too.  Whenever possible I WRITE while my kids write, READ while my kids read, and DRAW & PAINT while my kids do.  Do as I do, not as I say kind of a thing.  I am NOT an artist by any definition of the word, but I enjoy sketching for fun just the same.  This is a ballerina from my sketchbook.


But anyway, back to why I start our art with a quick draw.  It’s like a warm-up for our art lesson.  I love that it teaches them how most everything is made from very simple shapes and lines. We often draw things that we are learning about in other subject areas too.

How To Draw Tutorials

I find how to draw tutorials all over the web.  I have a few favorite sites, but usually I just use the google image search (just google “how to draw _______” and click on images) or the Layers of Learning How To Draw Pinterest Board.


  • has great tutorials.   You click on the next step when you’re ready to go on.  They’ve got some really cool 3 dimensional drawings.
  • Another good site is  They have a lot of anime how to draw tutorials, but there are also other cartoon characters, animals, and a big variety of other subjects.
  • Google image search
  • Layers of Learning How To Draw Pinterest Board


I choose the one that suits our fancy.  We spend about 5 minutes sketching.  Most often it’s just a pencil sketch, but on occasion we extend it a bit if we have time and add color.

Drawing-Lessons-Ballerinas-and-Bodies-(1) Because they’ve practiced so much with tutorials, my kids are now beginning to get enough confidence and know-how to draw real life objects as well.  Like their brother who patiently sat on a ladder in the back yard so they could sketch him.


By the end of the week they have filled up a page in their sketchbook with all kinds of things they’ve drawn – whatever suits their fancy.  This is a sketchbook page on Tuesday.  By Friday there will be a few more drawings dotting this page.


My kids aren’t necessarily artistic.  This doesn’t come naturally to them.  I’ve found though, that just like practicing math facts or memorizing poetry, the more we do it, the better we become.  It’s a skill like any other, that can be practiced and improved upon bit by bit.  My kids used to feel frustrated when they drew, but now they recognize the basic shapes objects are made up of and pick up a pencil quite confidently.

More From Layers of Learning

Come see some more fun art explorations to follow your art warm-up.  Then connect with us on social media.  We’d love to see some of the art projects you’ve got in the works!

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