Illustrated Fact Sheets

An illustrated fact sheet is a good way for kids to absorb and remember facts about a topic without the commitment of writing an entire report.  Reports are good, but not every single thing you learn needs to be in one.

To make an illustrated fact sheet the kids read books or look up information online about the topic.  Then they draw pictures depicting the facts and write captions about each picture.  The amount of writing will depend on the age of the students.

This is an assignment that be completed in about an hour.

Here is an illustrated fact sheet about the country of Turkey, which we’ve been learning about in geography.

An illustrated fact sheet about Turkey. This method can be used to learn facts about anything, not just countries.

I made this one as an example so the kids would understand what I expected of their assignment.  After they made theirs we hole punched them and inserted the fact sheets into their notebooks right after the map of Turkey that we colored last week.

An illustrated fact sheet create hooks of information in a child's mind.

The goal of this assignment was not to have a deep understanding of Turkey, but rather to create some hooks of knowledge.  I wanted them to remember where it is located along with some relevant information.  My kids were very impressed with the whirling dervishes of Turkey and camel wrestling.  They will remember that the whirling dervishes are Muslim and that the country is also Muslim in religion.  They will remember that Turkey is in a dry place where camels are common.  These are the kind of hooks that later, as adults when listening to the news, they can reach back to.  They will have some ideas about the country to build an understanding on.

An illustrated fact sheet works really well for geography, but you could use this teaching method in many subjects from biology to music to history.

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A printable country fact sheet to fill in.
A printable country fact sheet to fill in.

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