Sun Catchers

This sun catcher craft is from the sidebar of Layers of Learning Unit 1-2. It is an add-on activity to help you explore even more than what’s in the unit while you learn all about stars.

Episode 28: How To Plan a Writer’s Workshop Unit

A candid chat between Karen and Michelle about how the flexibility of Writer’s Workshop can streamline your lesson planning and simultaneously help your young writers grow in leaps and bounds through a series of tiny steps.

Episode 25: Juggling Family School

Teaching lots of kids of all ages in one homeschool can be a struggle! In Episode 25, Juggling Family School, Michelle and Karen share what has worked well in their homeschools and talk about ideas for keeping everyone learning together. With a big family, it’s not always easy, but it is doable!

Episode 24: What To Do When Your Homeschool Blows Up

When a homeschool day blows up it can disrupt and destroy the feeling and rhythm of your homeschool. Listen in on these ideas and tips for helping to overcome and eliminate homeschool conflict.

Episode 23: Morning Time

Morning time in your homeschool doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. Karen and Michelle share their morning time philosophy in this episode, along with lots of simple ideas for having a gentle start to each day in your family-style homeschool.

Episode 22: How To Handle Homeschool Critics

If you’re a homeschool parent, you’ve definitely heard criticism from others, whether strangers or neighbors or well-meaning loved ones. Michelle and Karen offer positive ways to interact with homeschool critics to diffuse tough conversations and let you continue your homeschool life without harmful confrontations.

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