The Arts

Layers of Learning art includes visual arts like painting and sculpture as well as art appreciation, crafts, poetry, music, and plays.  Get creative with hands-on crafting, painting, playing, printables, and other family adventures.  Try some arts explorations now.

How To Make an Ojo de Dios

Ojo de Dios is Spanish for “Eye of God.” This woven artwork was created to watch over the Huichol Indians. Learn about the symbolism of the design and create your own using yarn and craft sticks.

How to Make Construction Paper Grecian Urns

The Greeks were famous for their beautiful pottery. Useful art was a trademark of their civilization, which became so advanced that they could make their useful items – dishes, weapons, and even their buildings – into pieces of art. Learn about Grecian urns and design your own in their style.

How to Paint Pointillism Style Art

Pointillism is a painting style that uses tiny dots of color that are blended by the viewer’s eyes rather than the painter’s brush. Learn about some famous painters and artwork, then create your own cool pointillist painting using these printables.

Free Printable Art Cards For Art Appreciation

Art appreciation is a huge part of the Layers of Learning art program. You can get to know the world’s greatest art and artists with these fun games and free printable art cards that go along with many of the Layers of Learning units.

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