Middle Ages History

This world history course includes people from all over the world on every continent from approximately AD 450 to 1400. From the Byzantine Empire to the Pacific Islanders, you will use living books, crafts, foldables, activities, discussions, and timelines to take a deep dive into the people and forces that shaped our present.

Middle Ages History is a complete course for ages 6 to 18. It is hands-on and family-style, meant for families to learn together. Learn more about how Layers of Learning works.

Mentor Guide

This is a guide for the mentor to learn how to teach Layers of Learning History, plan a unit, and evaluate student work. We highly recommend purchasing and reading this before beginning Middle Ages History.

Full Middle Ages History Course

Middle Ages History includes nine units, intended to be taught one per month over the course of a school year. They can be used with all ages from 6 to 18 years family style. Since this is a pick-and-choose course, you will have far more material that you can get to. This course can be used again in future years. It can be purchased as a PDF download.

Middle Ages History Components

These are the nine units contained within the Middle Ages History course. Here they can be purchased one by one as stand alone units.

Student Journal

The Book of Years is an interactive timeline of world history that students build themselves with instructions from the history units in all four Years of Layers of Learning History. Choose between paperback and PDF versions.

Printable Pack

The Printable Pack is included with every Middle Ages History version above. If you purchase Middle Ages History from Layers of Learning, you already have the Printable Packs. This is for those who purchased Middle Ages History elsewhere. You can retrieve the Printable Pack, below, with the coupon code inside your copy of Middle Ages History.

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