Welcome to the Layers of Learning Podcast!  Karen and Michelle are your hosts!

This podcast will be your source for homeschooling ideas and inspiration.  You'll learn how to help your family learn together more fully, be excited about learning, and create a happy atmosphere in your homeschool.  We both have big families and have spent many years helping homeschool moms to fall in love with homeschooling.  We're excited to help you too!

Season 1

In Episode 0 you get a chance to meet the hosts, Karen & Michelle!  We are sisters, homeschool mamas, and the authors of Layers of Learning.  Come find out more about our families and how we got on the homeschooling rollercoaster.

In Episode 1 we talk about some practical things you can do to create a learning culture in your family and homeschool.  Small steps can transform a lot of your time into learning time beyond when you have the textbooks out on the table.  Create lifelong learners and curious kids with these ideas.

In Episode 2 you'll learn how to stop running from kid to kid, never meeting anyone's needs, and instead, transform your homeschool into a true family school.  We'll share how we've made it work with our ten kids.

Episode 3 is one big layered cake analogy!  We know homeschooling isn't easy, but we're sharing how to make your homeschool into a gorgeous layered cake, a delicious masterpiece of home education! Most importantly, see where you fit into the process as a homeschool parent.

In this Bonus Episode Michelle and Karen candidly answer your questions.  Parents from the Layers of Learning Facebook Group asked questions about the Layers of Learning sisters and how they homeschool. . . these are the answers!

In Episode 4 Michelle and Karen talk all about how you can stop catering to your kids learning styles and instead, teach them tools to adapt any information to a style that suits them.  Metacognition is the key!

In Episode 5 Michelle asks Karen about Writer's Workshop and how to implement it in your homeschool.  You'll learn how to introduce the writing process to your family and help your kids begin their lives as writers.  This bonus episode stemmed from your questions about Writer's Workshop.

In Episode 6 Michelle and Karen discuss how teaching your way is so essential for a happy homeschool.  We each have a unique personality and unique likes and dislikes.  We need to be true to ourselves in order to make our homeschools function for the long run.

In Episode 7 Karen and Michelle help you create your very own homeschool vision. . . and also talk about how to adjust that vision so it's realistic and doable on a day-to-day basis.  Less guilt!  More peace of mind!

In Episode 8 Karen and Michelle identify some of the things that will make Layers of Learning harder than it has to be including over planning, too many hands-on activities, feeling like you have to be an expert and more.

In Episode 9, we talk about all of the benefits you can expect to see when you have a hands-on homeschool.  We also share tips on how to make it work.  It is worth all of the extra effort you put in!

In Episode 10 you'll hear all about ways that you can help your kids take ownership of their education.  Your kids CAN become more independent learners who make choices about what and how they will learn in your homeschool and in their lives.

In Episode 11 Karen and Michelle talk about overcoming the guilt the homeschool moms tend to feel.  Mistakes are inevitable, but you can change your mindset so they become a growth experience instead of another way to beat yourself up.

In Episode 12 you'll hear ideas for how to help create passionate curiosity in your kids.  Passion doesn't have to involve pressure if you approach it with the right mindset.  A really successful homeschool will be one where kids can explore their passions and be allowed to be curious.

Season 2

In Episode 13 Michelle and Karen talk about practical ways you can take care of yourself and meet your own needs as a homeschool mom.  Add yourself to your list of people you take care of and watch your mom-guilt begin to disperse once and for all.

In Episode 14 Michelle and Karen share their experiences with the path they are taking for their kids as they homeschool in high school.  There are lots of paths to choose from and ways to make high school work.  We'll walk you through the path we chose.

In Episode 15 we're talking about high school again!  This time we'll answer the question "Is Layers of Learning enough for high school?" Listen in on how we use Layers of Learning in high school to prepare our kids for college and beyond.

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