Welcome to the Layers of Learning Podcast!  Karen and Michelle are your hosts!

This podcast will be your source for homeschooling ideas and inspiration.  You'll learn how to help your family learn together more fully, be excited about learning, and create a happy atmosphere in your homeschool.  We both have big families and have spent many years helping homeschool moms to fall in love with homeschooling.  We're excited to help you too!

Season 1

In Episode 0 you get a chance to meet the hosts, Karen & Michelle!  We are sisters, homeschool mamas, and the authors of Layers of Learning.  Come find out more about our families and how we got on the homeschooling rollercoaster.

In Episode 1 we talk about some practical things you can do to create a learning culture in your family and homeschool.  Small steps can transform a lot of your time into learning time beyond when you have the textbooks out on the table.  Create lifelong learners and curious kids with these ideas.

In Episode 2 you'll learn how to stop running from kid to kid, never meeting anyone's needs, and instead, transform your homeschool into a true family school.  We'll share how we've made it work with our ten kids.

Tell Us What You Think!

We'd love to hear your thoughts, questions, or topic ideas.  If there's something you want Karen & Michelle to chat about on an episode, feel free to send us a quick message!

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