Unit 3-12


  • History: Conquistadors
  • Geography: Baltic States
  • Science: Igneous Rocks
  • Arts: Creative Kids
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Layers of Learning Unit 3-12 is a complete unit study for history, geography, science, and the arts.

  • History: Settlers
  • Geography: Peru & Bolivia
  • Science: Sedimentary Rocks
  • Arts: Native American Art

Layers of Learning Unit 3-12 begins with the history of early American settlements.  We include Jamestown, the Pilgrims, the Wampanoag, and King Philip’s War.  Then, in geography, study the modern countries of Peru & Bolivia and learn about the special highlights of those countries.  Next, learn about sedimentary rocks, erosion, and the formation of coal.  In Native American art, make drum and canoe models, watch dances, learn about native homes, and try your hand at leather working.  You’ll learn about this time period in a rich, deep way with the books from the book list and the accompanying hands-on projects.

In each unit you’ll find a recommended library list, important background information about each topic, and lots of activities to choose from for kids of all ages.  Sidebars include a bunch more ideas including Additional Layers, Fabulous Facts, On The Web, Writer’s Workshop, Famous Folks, and Teaching Tips.  Printable maps and worksheets are included with each unit and may be printed as often as needed for your family or class.

Age Range: 6-18

Grade Level: 1-12

Pages: 57

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Here are links and online videos referenced in this unit.  Here is a link to the YouTube Playlist for Unit 3-12.


Peru & Bolivia

Sedimentary Rocks

Native American Art


Here are some more activities, printables, and ideas you can add to this unit for even more learning opportunities.


Peru & Bolivia

  • For older high school students, 16 and up, read When Rains Become Floods by Lurgio Gavilán Sánchez.  It is the story of a boy of 12 who becomes a soldier for the Shining Path, a terrorist organization in Peru.  Parents, be aware of descriptions of violence in the books. After reading discuss with a mentor or book group.  

Sedimentary Rocks

Native American Art


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