Sample Lessons

These sample lessons are examples of the sorts of things you will find inside our Layers of Learning Curriculum. They are hands-on, engaging, and interesting. They’re also intended to be a springboard for taking you onto more “layers” of learning for your family as you explore the library, online resources, and further related topics. The explorations you’ll find here include library lists and additional layers, elements also included inside our units for sale.

renaissance small cakes

How To Make Renaissance Period Small Cakes

Try a Renaissance recipe by making these small cakes with all of your children.

watercolor kids in a hula hoop demonstrating states of matter

Explore Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Get a bunch of kids together and have them climb into a hula hoop to demonstrate the tightly packed molecules of a solid then the looser packed molecules of a liquid and the widely space molecules of a gas.


How to Paint a Colorful Audubon Bird

John James Audubon was a naturalist and wildlife painter during the Romantic Period. He loved birds and created one of the most beloved bird painting collections in the world. Learn about Romantic painting and Audubon as you create your own stunning bird art.


Free Printable Map of Canada

Learn about Canada by adding important landmarks and locations to this printable map.

watercolor of boys doing heat conduction experiment

Heat Conduction Experiment

This is an easy experiment with household materials to show how metal conducts heat better than wood or plastic.

Family studying rocks together

Learning About Rocks Identification Exploration

Learn about rocks, from formation to identification, and get a printable rock cycle worksheet.


Descriptive Writing with Juicy Sentences

Learn to write sentences you can really sink your teeth into with this simple lesson about how adding details can make your descriptive writing more interesting.


Parts of Speech Flip Book

Create your own Parts of Speech Flip Book to help you learn the parts of speech and the jobs they do in sentences. Your flip book can also become an excellent word bank to help you as you write.


How To Make A Medieval Book Craft

Make a medieval book by stitching the pages together and sewing on a cover. Use the book to collect things you learn about the middle ages.


Story Maps

Story maps are a great way for kids to begin to understand the basic elements of narrative texts.  They can begin by reading stories and learning to identify each element, and then eventually they will also be able to begin writing their own stories using what they’ve learned.  This printable story map can be used…


Mastering Map Grids: Latitude and Longitude With a Colorful Craft

Learn about the equator, prime meridian, and lines of latitude and longitude in this colorful map grid exploration.


How To Teach The U.S. Constitution With Coloring

Use the printable and a copy of the U.S. Constitution to learn what the roles of each of the three branches entails. You’ll use colored pencils to color code as you go along.

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