Sample Lessons

These sample lessons are examples of the sorts of things you will find inside our Layers of Learning Curriculum. They are hands-on, engaging, and interesting. They’re also intended to be a springboard for taking you onto more “layers” of learning for your family as you explore the library, online resources, and further related topics. The explorations you’ll find here include library lists and additional layers, elements also included inside our units for sale.

Persuading is like Fishing

Persuasive Essays

Writing a persuasive essay is a lot like fishing. First, you have to hook your reader. Next, you reel them in with all of your evidence. Finally, you bring them right into the boat with you.


Diamante Poems

Diamante poems are short, diamond shaped poems that follow a specific pattern. They are fun, fast, and easy to write, so they make a perfect starter poem for budding poets.

black widow spider with egg sac

Life Cycle of a Spider Printable Lesson

The life cycle of a spider printable with book suggestions, info on the life cycle of the black widow, and a video to watch.


How To Teach Shape With Easy Foil Shape Art

Shape is one of the basic elements of art. As you explore any painting or work of art, you can understand it in terms of its elements. Come explore shape and the role it plays.


Print and Color a Free “How Raven Stole The Sun” Native American Legend

This free printable booklet of the legend of How Raven Stole the Sun is a perfect companion to your study of Native American myths. Your kids can illustrate it as they read the legend.

samurai warrior

Print and Play the Free “Japanese Shoguns” Game

Play a game focusing on the power struggle between shoguns in Japan during the feudal period. Roll dice and win armies of samurai.


The Story of the Seven Chinese Brothers, a Reader’s Theater

This tale turned reader’s theater script takes you into China. Keeping stories alive is so critical to a people and a culture. Especially in light of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, we must all recognize the value of preserving cultural stories.

Country Fact Sheet

Free Printable Country Fact Sheet For An Easy Geography Lesson

Use this country fact sheet for any country you’re learning about. Explore the country and fill in the fact sheet with all sorts of fascinating facts from around the world.


Library Activities

The library is one of our happy places.  And library activities and games make it all that much more fun.  Come see some things we do at the library, but first. . . A friend of mine once told me that she won’t take her kids to the library because letting them handle all those…


Learning Word Roots Activities and Printables

Mastering words is part of the Word Work component of Writer’s Workshop. These activities will turn you into a root word master in no time.

child in a Christopher Columbus themed paper hat and playing with a paper spyglass

Columbus’s Fearless First Voyage With A Creative Craft For Kids

Color a map of Columbus’ first voyage. Then, for young ones only, make a spy glass and a captain’s hat.

watercolor of a kids doing a chemistry experiment with hard water

Hard Water Experiment

Dissolve some calcium in water to see how soap is affected by minerals in hard water. Along the way you’ll learn abut some of the properties of water.

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