In this Chemistry course learn about matter, atoms, the periodic table, radioactivity, bonding, rates of reactions, writing chemical equations, solutions, gases, stoichiometry, acids & bases, buffers, oxidation & reduction, and carbon, plus even more.

This course is a rigorous lecture and lab course that meets high school chemistry requirements, but also is gentle enough for little ones. It is a pick-and-choose curriculum so you get to decide which experiments to do and which concepts to learn.

Chemistry is a complete science program for ages 6 to 18. It is hands on and family-style, meant for families to learn together. Learn more about how Layers of Learning works.

Mentor Guide

This is a guide for the mentor to learn how to teach Layers of Learning Science, plan a unit, and evaluate student work. We highly recommend purchasing and reading this before beginning Chemistry.

Full Chemistry Course

Chemistry consists of nine units, which are for all ages from 6 to 18 and can be used repeatedly, year after year. The full Chemistry course contains all nine units. It can be purchased as a PDF download.

Chemistry Course Components

These are the nine units contained within the Chemistry course. Here they can be purchased one by one as stand alone units.

Student Journal

The Science Notebook is a record of observations and experiments similar to the real notebooks that scientists keep. There are instructions from the science units in keeping a Science Notebook. Choose between paperback and PDF versions.

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