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This is a downloadable PDF you can print and bind yourself. Students will fill this book with drawings, paintings, and concept practice from the Layers of Learning Arts units. Ages 6-18.


The Art Sketchbook is a working artist’s creative journal. All through Layers of Learning Arts young artists will be asked to get out their Art Sketchbook and sketch a picture, jot a few notes, paint a scene, or practice with art supplies. It is a tool used to teach both art appreciation and artist’s skills. Young artists can use their Art Sketchbook for their own ideas as well as those within the Layers of Learning Arts units.

This is a PDF of the Art Sketchbook. You can print it double sided, bind it, and use it exactly like the spiral bound Art Sketchbook. The cover files are a separate file so it is easier to print the covers on heavier paper.

Each Art Sketchbook has a table of contents and the pages are headed with the titles of the units.

Most pages also have a frame, illustration, or other graphic element to help young artists fill their pages with prompts.

The final section of the Art Sketchbook is for “Art Warm-ups”. At the beginning of an art lesson do a sketch or a how-to-draw in one of the frames.

The Art Sketchbook will make Layers of Learning Arts more enjoyable for young artists, but you can also use any drawing sketchpad in its place.


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  1. katemichelle07

    This art notebook is gold. We have to keep record of doing art every year and this has been really awesome to be able to put together a notebook for our review

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