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Greek Art is about the pottery, sculptures, architecture, and theater of the Greeks. For mentors to use with ages 6 to 18.


Greek Art is the eighth unit in the Art Beginnings course. Learn about how the Greeks used idealism, balance, and mythology in their arts. Then learn about Greek pottery, sculpture, and frescoes. Next learn about Greek mythology and theater. Finally, study Greek architecture. This unit contains sections on:

  • Characteristics of Greek Art
  • Greek Art Forms
  • Mythology & Theater
  • Architecture

Layers of Learning is an activity-based program. The mentor chooses from among the activities in the unit to create mental hooks for learning. Some of the activities in this unit include:

  • Taking a photo of yourself in an idealized pose and in actual motion
  • Learning what the Greeks thought of ideal proportions by sketching a perfect person
  • Making a paper craft Greek vase
  • Roll-a-vase activity and sketching fun
  • Creating an actual fresco with wet plaster and paint
  • Sculpting your own figure sculpture
  • Coloring and cutting a Greek Gods foldable for your Art Sketchbook
  • Doing a reader’s theater of a Greek play
  • Make model Greek columns
  • And so much more!

Each Layers of Learning Arts unit includes library lists of books, a family read-aloud suggestion, hands-on activities, printables and paper crafts, sidebars for extra learning, and tools to help you assess student’s progress and mastery. You can learn more about how Layers of Learning works in the Curriculum Guide or learn to teach art with the Arts Guidebook for mentors.

See Inside

Here is an inside view of a double page spread from Greek Art:

Greek Art double page spread of the inside of the book

The center is filled with lesson plans, hands-on activities that cement the learning and make it fun. The sidebars are for extra tidbits, rabbit trails, and writing and reading ideas.  The mentor chooses among the activities and sidebars to design a custom learning plan for your family or class.


This unit was written to be used for a month but contains plenty of content for many more weeks of learning if you choose. This is a pick-and-choose curriculum, meant to be cycled back to in the future when your child is older. As such, it intentionally includes far more material than you can possibly cover in a month.

Greek Art is also part of the overall Art Beginnings course, the first Year of the four year Layers of Learning Arts cycle. If you use the program in order, it will take you though the art in chronological order, tracking with the Layers of Learning History units. However, each unit stands alone and can be used independently of any other unit.

Printable Pack

This unit comes with a downloadable Printable Pack that includes all the student worksheets. The printables can be copied as many times as needed for your family or class.

You can download the Printable Pack from your receipt or from your account at Layers of Learning.

Greek Art Printable Pack
This is a view of a few pages in the Printable Pack. You can see one of the art cards pages and a roll-a-Greek vase activity. There are many more printables to choose from, each of them coordinating with an Exploration from the unit.

Extra Resources

This unit comes with extra weblinks and a YouTube video playlist on the Art Beginnings Resources page.


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