Year 2 Bundle

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The Year 2 Bundle includes all 20 units of Layers of Learning Year 2.


The Year 2 Bundle includes all twenty of the Year 2 units.  In each of the 20 units, you’ll find four components – history, geography, science, and art.  Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in Year 2.


Layers of Learning Year 2 covers medieval history. Its main emphasis is on the history of
medieval life and kingdoms in Europe, beginning with the Byzantine Empire that
survived after the fall of the western Roman Empire and going up through the
Renaissance and the eve of the Age of Exploration. It covers feudalism, the Crusades,
Vikings, Anglo Saxons, Charlemagne, and the Wars of the Roses. There are also nonEuropean
focused units including medieval China and other Asian kingdoms, African
kingdoms, American peoples, and Pacific peoples.


Geography country studies are the focus of Layers of Learning Year 2. Mapping skills
and geography concepts will be applied to specific country studies throughout the
curriculum. Each country study includes a mapping, cultural, historical, and personal
component. There are over twenty-five countries studied in all.


There are units from each of the four branches of science in Layers of Learning Science
Year 2. The physical science components include electricity, circuits, technology,
magnetism, and motors. The earth science component includes a study of weather
including climate, seasons, forecasting, precipitation, special effects, and wild weather.
The chemistry section covers metals and non-metals, gases, and the special element of
life: carbon. The biology component is a study of the human body, with a focus on
each body system. There is also a health course included in the human body units.


Layers of Learning Year 2 corresponds with the historical units and covers medieval and
Renaissance art. It comprises each of the major movements and peoples of the time
including Byzantine, Gothic, Viking, printmaking, and the Carolingian Renaissance.
There are several non-European units as well that include Native American art, Asian
arts, and arts from the Pacific Islands. Several units have a literature focus including
King Arthur Tales, medieval plays, poetry, and The Canterbury Tales. The Renaissance
comprises the final two units in the year. The course includes both art appreciation and
analysis as well as creative projects.

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DY201-YEAR2 – 20 Digital PDFs (plus links to download the Printable Packs)
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Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and bookmark Layers of Learning on YouTube.  This will provide you with a quick way to check out the YouTube Playlists that accompany each unit.

In addition, every unit page within our catalog has a “Links & Videos” Tab with constantly updated links and a portal to the YouTube playlist for that specific unit.


Layers of Learning Pinterest Boards

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3 reviews for Year 2 Bundle

  1. Laurie M.

    Hello! I’ve started using your curriculum and I’m loving it. I live in Scotland and curriculum is very hard to find as home education in fairly uncommon. I am loving the activities you use in these books and that there is more substance than most curriculum for younger kids. Loving it. Thanks loads – mum of 3

  2. Kyra

    As a homeschooling family that is going into our fifth year, we have been truly blessed to have been able to utilize Layers of Learning in our studies. The way Layers of Learning works is that you pick your own Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum, and Layers of Learning can be added in to the mix as your electives. One of the greatest assets of this curriculum is that it can be used simultaneously with multiple ages. Each unit is meant to be used over a two week period, but believe me, there are so many activities, you probably won’t be able to get to them all!

    There is so much to choose from, all laid out in a concise and orderly structure. You just pick an Exploration, Expedition, Explanation, or Experiment and away you go. The author’s have thoughtfully included all of the printables needed for each unit. Another added bonus is the library book list with age guidelines, this feature was so helpful in planning each week. Another positive about this curriculum is the vast amount of hands on activities, my kids loved them! We made our own cuneiform writing, constructed a paper mache globe, and built a model of the solar system.

    One of the most fantastic elements of Layers of Learning, is that it is designed to be used in a 4 year classical education schedule. Each time you cycle back through the units every four years, you can build on what you went over the first time, and dive a little bit further into each topic. We have been so pleased with Layers of Learning, and will continue to use the fantastic curriculum.

  3. Christina Reif

    I am currently living abroad, so I knew that I needed a curriculum that I could print from where we are, rather than have a printed copy ordered and shipped here as the mail system is quite unreliable. I was so happy to find this curriculum! Not only is is reasonably priced (for a full-year’s curriculum for all my kids covering four subject), the style of it is just suited for me. I love the opportunity to pick and choose what things I want to explore for our family, both in interest and feasibility. Even though we live were public libraries don’t really exist, with online resources, plus a few spines I bought, we have been able to explore some really great topics. I highly recommend this curriculum.

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