Year 3 Bundle

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The Year 3 Bundle includes all 20 units of Layers of Learning Year 3.


The Year 3 Bundle includes all twenty of the Year 2 units.  In each of the 20 units, you’ll find four components – history, geography, science, and art.  Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in Year 3.


Layers of Learning Year 3 covers the Colonial Period of world history beginning with the
Age of Exploration up through the American Revolution. It begins with an overview of
world exploration and a look at the empires of the day. The Protestant Reformation, the
Thirty Years’ War, and the Enlightenment are also covered. The second part of the
course goes into the European settlement of North and South America, including
conquistadors, slavery, and the founding of the United States of America. There are
several units covering important people of the time, including America’s founding


Geography country studies are the focus of Layers of Learning Year 3. Over thirty
countries are studied in Year 3 from all over the globe. Each of the six settled continents
is represented. Each country study includes a mapping, cultural, historical, and
personal component.


There are units from each of the four branches of science in Layers of Learning Science
Year 3. The physical science components include sound, light, optics, and color. The
earth science component includes units on rocks, minerals, gems, and fossils. The
chemistry section covers chemical reactions, reversible reactions, compounds and
solutions, oxidation and reduction, and acids and bases. The biology component
includes classification, insects, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, mammals, and primates.


Layers of Learning Year 3 corresponds with the historical units and covers colonial art. It
comprises each of the major movements and peoples of this time period. Baroque,
Rococo, Reformation art, and Colonial art all included. Several units have a literature
focus including Shakespeare, fairy tales, and poetry. There are also units on Baroque,
Classical, and folk music. The Year 3 art program focuses on creativity and principles
of art such as balance, unity, and rhythm.

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6-18 Years


DY301-YEAR3 – 20 Digital PDFs (plus links to download the Printable Packs)
DY301-YEAR3PP – 20 Digital Printable Pack PDFs

You Tube Playlists

Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and bookmark Layers of Learning on YouTube.  This will provide you with a quick way to check out the YouTube Playlists that accompany each unit.

In addition, every unit page within our catalog has a “Links & Videos” Tab with constantly updated links and a portal to the YouTube playlist for that specific unit.


Layers of Learning Community Pinterest Boards

We invite you to the Layers of Learning Pinterest Page.  Karen and Michelle love sharing more fun ideas to enrich your hands-on homeschool.

1 review for Year 3 Bundle

  1. Holli Steffen

    We just finished our 3rd year homeschooling. It was such an adventure learning while teaching with Layers of Learning. My sons had a great time with the projects and the experiments. We made many memories as a family that will last for years to come.
    I love the flexibility of the curriculum. You can do all of the options or pic one or two and do more video learning that particular week. It works well with adding in living books, or finding free YouTube videos.
    The options are endless!
    We recommend this to everyone!

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