Canadian History & Geography PDF


Canadian History & Geography course spans from the First Nations to the modern nation in nine units. This is a PDF version of the course.


Canadian History & Geography includes nine complete units in one all about Canada. Inside you will find activities, games, crafts, printable activities, discussion questions, web links, lists of books to check out from your library, and more.  To learn how to use Layers of Learning curriculum books, visit the Curriculum Guide.

These Canada units can be used as part of the whole Layers of Learning program or they can stand alone.  These units replace the modern history of Year Four or can be studied after Year Four, as a fifth year of Layers of Learning. It includes nine units, one for each month of the school year.

The nine units include:

  • First Nations
  • Explorers
  • French Canada
  • Colonial Wars
  • British Canada
  • Canadian Government
  • Early Canada
  • Modern Canada
  • Canada Geography


Each unit comes with a Printable Pack. If you buy the digital version, the printable packs are included in your purchase. If you buy the physical books, retrieve your Canada printable packs by downloading them from your receipt.  If you purchased the paperback book elsewhere you can retrieve your printable pack by using the coupon code from the introduction of the book.

Extra Resources

You can print a cover for the entire Canadian History & Geography course if you would like.


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6-18 Years




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