Layers of Learning Podcast

Listen as Michelle and Karen get together to talk homeschooling.  Learn to get more organized, keep records, feel happy in your homeschooling, use Layers of Learning effectively, learn how to family homeschool, be a learner in your homeschool and not just a teacher, plus so much more.

Episode 21: Guiding Your Kids

Guiding your kids in their homeschool education is a far more lasting approach to learning than just teaching them facts you expect them to remember. Learn about how you can guide your kids and transfer the ownership of learning to them.

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Episode 20: Layers of Learning Sidebars

Learn all about how the colorful sidebars within the Layers of Learning units can liven up your homeschool. Michelle and Karen talk about this important part of the curriculum and how to make it work for you.

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Episode 19: Creating a Homeschool Paper Trail

Learn all about how to create an effective homeschool paper trail. From portfolios to transcripts and GPAs to a homeschool resume, you can master this important task of homeschool parents.

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Episode 18: Writer’s Workshop, Mentoring Your Kids Positively

Michelle took an opportunity to ask Karen more questions about Writer’s Workshop. We shared lots of fresh ideas about encouraging reluctant writers and talked about how you, as a parent or writing mentor, can help your writer grow in gradual and happy ways.

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Episode 17: Using Layers of Learning in High School

Going into high school can feel intimidating. Transcripts and credits and requirements, oh my! Here’s how we use Layers of Learning to take our kids right through graduation and get them prepared for college.

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Episode 16: Homeschooling in High School

Michelle and Karen share their experiences with the path they are taking for their kids as they homeschool in high school. There are lots of paths to choose from and ways to make high school work. We’ll walk you through the path we chose.

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Episode 15: Self-Care for Homeschool Moms

You spend a lot of time taking care of other people, meeting their physical, emotional, and social needs. It’s time to put yourself back into the group of people you care for. Sharpen your saw and make a positive change in your life as a homeschool mom.

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Episode 14: Being Passionately Curious

In Episode 14 you’ll hear ideas for how to help create passionate curiosity in your kids. Passion doesn’t have to involve pressure if you approach it with the right mindset. A really successful homeschool will be one where kids can explore their passions and be allowed to be curious.

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Homeschool mom. it's time to forgive yourself.

Episode 13: Homeschool Mom, Forgive Yourself

In Episode 13 Karen and Michelle talk about overcoming the guilt the homeschool moms tend to feel. Mistakes are inevitable, but you can change your mindset so they become a growth experience instead of another way to beat yourself up.

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Episode 12: Letting Kids Own Their Learning

In Episode 12 you’ll hear all about ways that you can help your kids take ownership of their education. Your kids CAN become more independent learners who make choices about what and how they will learn in your homeschool and in their lives.

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Episode 11: Hands-On is Minds-On

In Episode 11 we talk about all of the benefits you can expect to see when you have a hands-on homeschool. We also share tips on how to make it work. It is worth all of the extra effort you put in!

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Episode 10: Avoiding Layers of Learning Pitfalls

In Episode 10 Karen and Michelle identify some of the things that will make Layers of Learning harder than it has to be including over-planning, too many hands-on activities, feeling like you have to be an expert and more.

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