Sample Lessons

These sample lessons are examples of the sorts of things you will find inside our Layers of Learning Curriculum. They are hands-on, engaging, and interesting. They’re also intended to be a springboard for taking you onto more “layers” of learning for your family as you explore the library, online resources, and further related topics. The explorations you’ll find here include library lists and additional layers, elements also included inside our units for sale.

Painted Collage Art

Painted Collage Art

Make your own painted collage art with a variety of colors, textures, lines, and shapes. Along the way, learn about collage art from the Byzantines, Picasso, Braque, and Eric Carle.

Design A Postage Stamp

Design your own postage stamp about any famous person, story, historical event, scientific discovery, painting, or anything else you can dream up.

Topographic Maps

This mapping lesson is 100% hands-on as you build your own 3-D model to understand more fully how topographic maps work.

Illustrated Fact Sheets

Write an illustrated fact sheet about Turkey along with us, or use the same concept to create an illustrated fact sheet about anything you’re learning about right now.

One Color Paintings

One color paintings will teach kids about monochromatic color schemes, hues, tints, shades, and the emotion that colors evoke.

Northeast Woodland Tribes Project

Research one of the Northeast Woodland tribes that early settlers to the Americas would have come across. All ages of kids can make a project about the tribes and then write a research paper about them.

watercolor picture of kids with pop bottle ecosystems

Pop Bottle Ecosystem

Pop bottle ecosystems show how living and non-living parts of the environment interact and depend on each other.

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