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Explore these sample lessons from history.  We also have sample lessons from the Layers of Learning curriculum in history, geography, science, and the arts.  Click on the buttons below to visit those sample lesson pages or browse all sample lessons.

History Sample Lessons

With Layers of Learning explore history chronologically from ancient times to modern, touching on every continent and every major cultural group.  That means African kingdoms of the middle ages as well as European ones. Do this all as a family through hands-on projects, and living books from your library.

The sample lessons below come from the Layers of Learning curriculum which includes history, geography, science, and arts in one complete program.  You might also be intrigued by the Book of Years, a timeline and history encyclopedia that your family builds together.

World War One Legend of the Battle of Mons

World War One and the Battle of Mons

This post has a printable timeline of World War One to assemble as well as a hands-on 3D map to build of the first battle of World War One, the Battle of Mons. There’s a cool legend about angels protecting the British.

map of the cold war

Cold War Map of the World

Color a map of the Cold War world. The USA and NATO versus the USSR and the Warsaw pact. The map also shows “hot spots” where actually wars broke out and places where guerrillas were operating.

paper planes from world war two

World War II Printable Planes and the Battle of Britain

Print, color, and craft planes from WWII. Many of these planes fought in the Battle of Britain, one of the earliest battles of WWII.

ancient greek philosophers notebooking page

Ancient Greek Philosophers

This exploration about the “big three” ancient Greek philosophers is for high schoolers. Learn about Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato and their ideas.

Kids working on Book of Years

Book of Years: A Timeline of World History

The Book of Years is a timeline you research, color, and write yourself.

legend of the capitoline geese

Ancient Rome and the Legend of the Capitoline Geese

Print and color a booklet of the legend of the Capitoline geese, who saved Rome from invading Gauls.

Northeast Woodland Tribes Project

Research one of the Northeast Woodland tribes that early settlers to the Americas would have come across. All ages of kids can make a project about the tribes and then write a research paper about them.

samurai warrior

Japanese Shoguns Game

Play a game focusing on the power struggle between shoguns in Japan during the feudal period. Roll dice and win armies of samurai.

child in a Christopher Columbus themed paper hat and playing with a paper spyglass

Columbus’s First Voyage Map and Craft

Color a map of Columbus’ first voyage. Then, for young ones only, make a spy glass and a captain’s hat.

renaissance small cakes

Renaissance Recipe: Small Cakes

Try a Renaissance recipe by making these small cakes with all of your children.

Medieval Book Making Craft

Make a medieval book by stitching the pages together and sewing on a cover. Use the book to collect things you learn about the middle ages.

Three Branches of Government Worksheet

Every citizen of the United States needs to understand the three branches of government and what powers the Constitution grants them. Using a copy of the Constitution go through the Three Branches Worksheet. Each of the powers granted to the Federal Government are written in the boxes on the worksheet. Color code each box to …

Three Branches of Government Worksheet Read More »

Age of Exploration Timeline

The Age of Exploration was probably the most pivotal era in the world ever.  Europe discovered, colonized, traded with, and conquered nearly the whole world. You can make a wall timeline and add some important dates to it with the Age of Exploration timeline squares. Age of Exploration Timeline Cut apart the figures from the …

Age of Exploration Timeline Read More »

Viking People

The Vikings were northern people, sometimes called the Norse, who lived in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway and sailed the seas in search of treasure.  They lived in long houses and huts made of wood.  Their raiding period lasted from 793 when a Viking ship raided and destroyed Lindisfarne Abbey in England until 1066 when William …

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poster of the first amendment

Bill of Rights

Learn about the Bill or Rights with a matching game, a first amendment poster, and some second amendment shooting practice.

Baucis and Philemon, A Greek Myth

Use the printable puppets to retell the Greek myth of Baucis and Philemon. This tale is from Metamorphosis by Ovid, the source of most of our Greek myths.

Medieval Indian Ocean Trade Routes

Many cities around the rim of the Indian Ocean became fabulously wealthy during the middle ages through the medieval Indian Ocean trade routes.    The Swahili coast of Africa had ivory, gold, ebony, sandalwood, and slaves to trade. China had silk and porcelain to get to market in the west.  India, at the center of the trade …

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Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages

After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Europe was in turmoil for centuries, with the borders of kingdoms changing rapidly.  In the east the Roman Empire, which we call the Byzantine Empire, was alive and well for another thousand years.  By about 1400 AD though things were pretty well settled down and the countries …

Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages Read More »

Map of Anglo Saxon Kingdoms

After the Romans abandoned Britain, telling them to “look to their own defenses,” they scrambled to do just that, because they were immediately invaded by the Picts from the north. King Vortigern sent out a cry for help to the Saxon kings of northern Germany and they came sure enough, only they didn’t leave again, …

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Map of Ancient Egypt

Historical maps are a great tool for understanding the past. You can see when you look at a map of ancient Egypt why people lived only along the river.  What would the land have been like away from the Nile? Coloring The Map When you color a historical map of ancient Egypt you can see …

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Government Types For Kids

One of the most confusing things one can study is human government and economics.  So after this little introduction we offer you the government match game to help you teach government types for kids. The problem in understanding government is that every government is unique and none fit into nice neat categories.  Political scientists, teachers …

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Abraham Lincoln’s Stovepipe Hat Timeline

Abraham Lincoln was a fascinating man who changed the course of America’s history.  Most of us know his basic story, but here are some fabulous facts you may not know. . . Lincoln loved animals and refused to hunt.  He had lots of pets, even a turkey! He stored things in his stovepipe hat, like …

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coloring a map of the scramble for africa

Scramble For Africa Map

This exploration is for middle grades and high school, as the colored smilies show.  Learn about European colonization of Africa as you color a Scramble For Africa Map of the early 1900s. This European Colonization of Africa exploration is from Layers of Learning Unit 4-5, which is about the modern history of Africa and especially …

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