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These are sample lessons from the Writer's Workshop curriculum (to be released April 15, 2019!).  We also have sample lessons from the Layers of Learning curriculum in history, geography, science, and the arts.  Click on the buttons below to visit those sample lesson pages or browse all sample lessons.

Writer's Workshop Sample Lessons

Writer's Workshop is a writing class where your whole family writes together, Mom and Dad included.  Everybody starts with a mini lesson on grammar or a writing skill.  Then you spend most of your time just writing.  You all have Writer's Notebooks that you fill with brainstorms, idea webs, essays, responses, journal entries, poems, and stories.  Once a month you choose one of your Journal entries to take through the Writing Process and publish for an audience, whether that's your family, a magazine, an online blog, or your classroom library.

Start by reading Writer's Workshop Basics to get a handle on how Writer's Workshop works.

Writing Narrations

Writing narrations is a perfect way to dovetail writing in your homeschool with history, geography, science, and art. Family school is easier when you can combine some of the subjects and learn together!

Printable Biography Notebooking Pages

Use these free printable biography notebooking pages to create a biography for any person present or past. Besides the biography you can make fun pages for fictional characters from books or ones you’ve made up yourself. One of my favorite ways to learn history is through the people who made it all happen.  I love biographies. …

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Create a quadrama and get your crafty kids invested in writing a report!

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing can seem a little intimidating at first, but if you understand some basics of what to include, it can be really fun for kids to try.  Simply stated, it’s any writing that is trying to convince someone of something.  We use persuasion all the time everyday – when you’re convincing Mom to let …

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Diamante Poems

A diamante is a seven lined poem that doesn’t rhyme. Diamante means “diamond” in Italian.  A diamante poem is shaped like a diamond.  The first and last lines are the shortest, with the lines in the middle increasingly longer. Diamante poems are a great starter poem to help kids warm up to the idea of writing …

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Library Activities

The library is one of our happy places.  And library activities and games make it all that much more fun.  Come see some things we do at the library, but first. . . A friend of mine once told me that she won’t take her kids to the library because letting them handle all those …

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Learning Word Roots Activities and Printables

Our vocabulary studies center around root words because they are so valuable in understanding lots of words as you learn to spot the root meanings.  Over 60 percent of the words kids encounter have some recognizable word parts, so kids who understand these parts automatically understand much more of what they read.  I wanted to …

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Adding Details to Writing with Juicy Sentences

Teaching kids about how adding details to writing will make better stories can drastically improve the quality of their writing.   If you’re like me you want to scream when you read stories and papers and get sentences like: “The dog sat.” “I wore a hat.”  “The cat was soft.” Yawn.  Boring, same old sentences. …

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Parts of Speech Flip Book

This exploration is for all ages, as the colored smilies show. You can learn about the parts of speech with your whole family together! The Parts of Speech Flip Book Exercise is a writing lesson from Writer’s Workshop Jump Start, the introductory unit from the Layers of Learning Writer’s Workshop Curriculum. Learn more about Writer’s …

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Story Maps

Story maps are a great way for kids to begin to understand the basic elements of narrative texts.  They can begin by reading stories and learning to identify each element, and then eventually they will also be able to begin writing their own stories using what they’ve learned.  This printable story map can be used …

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The Lion Makers, a Story From the Panchatantra

The Panchatantra is a collection of ancient stories from India that were written down more than two thousand years ago, though the stories themselves are much older than that.  They are the first fables ever told in the world.  They’re mostly humorous stories that have a very pointed point.  Here’s one of my favorites . …

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Newspaper Article Template

Teaching kids to write newspaper articles is an important skill.  Articles are written in a concise, descriptive way.  A lot of information is given with very few words, so the words need to be thoughtful and succinct.  We’ll teach you how to teach your kids to write a good newspaper article plus we give you a …

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Karen’s BIG List of Book Projects

I love having my kids do book projects instead of just book reports.  Each week I let them choose their own book and their own project.  Fairly often they want help from me on deciding just what to do.  I started keeping a list of ideas so we’d have it handy when we needed some …

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Five Paragraph Essays

There’s nothing magical about five paragraph essays, either in the length or in the exact structure, but they are an excellent start to learning to write more developed essays for middle-schoolers and above. Before you begin teaching the five paragraph essay, you’ll want to give your student lots of practice with book reports, one paragraph …

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Teaching Kids to Write Their First Reports

Teaching kids to write their first reports can be daunting.  Indeed, writing a report for a youngster can seem like an overwhelming task.  It’s quite a PROCESS by the time you go from choosing a topic to researching, from organizing to drafting, and finally from editing and revising to ending up with a polished piece …

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Writer’s Workshop Curriculum Guide

Layers of Learning’s Writer’s Workshop isn’t just a curriculum; it’s a mindset. It’s a lifestyle that will change writing from a chore to a joy as your whole family grows as writers together, family-school style. To get you started on the right foot in this new mindset, we invite you to read the Writer’s Workshop …

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Four Square Writing Method

The four square writing method is a simple format for helping kids to expand upon their writing, add details, and be organized. So many young writers struggle to develop well-written stories, essays, and descriptions. This method utilizes a simple graphical organizer to take kids step by step through the process. It can be used for …

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Learning Organized

The explorations on these pages are just the beginning. We created a whole organized curriculum full of hands on projects, printables, and web links to take you through history, geography, science, and the arts with all of your kids from 1st grade to graduation.

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