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Sentences, Paragraphs, & Narrations teaches kids to write with precision and power.  Use it all together as a family.  This is a good unit to do early in the year.


We recommend Sentences, Paragraphs, & Narrations as the second Writer’s Workshop unit to dig into each year.  It’s way more than just writing complete sentences.  This unit is all about crafting beautiful sentences and well-organized paragraphs for maximum “kapow” in your writing!

Sentences, Paragraphs, & Narrations should take about a month to complete in your homeschool and can be used with all ages of your children at once, family-style.

Here’s how to use Sentences, Paragraphs, & Narrations:

Step 1: Mini-Lesson

Each writing day begins with a mini-lesson to teach a short little tool of writing.  Some of those tools are grammar and punctuation and others are word choice or copying the sentence structure of great writers. There are tons of ideas for mini-lessons all along the sidebars of every page in this unit to choose from.

Step 2: Exercises

The bulk of the unit contains exercises, little writing projects, usually finished in one sitting, and then put into your Journal until you get inspired to take one through the writing process.  Sentences, Paragraphs, & Narrations has specific exercises in each of the three areas: sentences, paragraphs, and narrations.  They include things like identifying sentence fragments as a family, then choosing one fragment to craft into a beautiful sentence for your Journal.  You’ll also enjoy one where you use a printable from the Printable Pack to make a booklet of paragraph parts.

Step 3: Writing Project

Finish up Sentences, Paragraphs, & Narrations by each writer choosing something from his or her Journal to take clear through the writing process, from rough draft to revising and editing, to publication!  There’s an idea bank for writing projects and guides for how to work through the writing process.

Parents or a mentor will evaluate the writing project using the included rubric, so each child gets detailed feedback specific to the skills learned in this unit. You get to be a writing coach instead of a red-pen grader.

Printable Pack

This unit comes with a Printable Pack of printables that go with exercises and sidebar mini-lessons.

Supplemental Links, Videos, & Resources

There are Pinterest boards, weblinks, and a YouTube video playlist that go with this lesson on a separate page for Writer’s Workshop.



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  1. Melissa Downer

    Great resource! So many great ideas for writing activities that are fun and easy to encourage reluctant writers.

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