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Writer’s Journal is an essential component of a Writer’s Workshop. Each student needs a private place to record ideas before turning the ideas into a polished writing project. For ages 6 to 18 years.

The Writer’s Journal is a private spot for young writers to record their ideas during daily Writer’s Workshop. The writer puts his or her name on the cover and inside the first page where he or she can also draw a picture to personalize the journal.

first page of the Writer's Journal

Each page is lined and also includes space to draw illustrations.

inside view of the Writer's Journal showing lined writing areas and blank spaces for illustrations

The Writer’s Journal is an essential piece of Writer’s Workshop. Young writers write in the journal, freely and without an audience. It is a space to get ideas down on paper without worrying about spelling, presentation, or criticism. The Writer’s Journal remains private, for the writer’s eyes only unless he or she wishes to share.

Later the ideas recorded in the Writer’s Journal can be taken through the writing process and a final product, that is intended for an audience, is produced.

This Writer’s Journal contains 180 pages of writing space, one for each school day in a typical school year. Since for at least some of the days the writer will be working on a writing project this is more than is needed, so prolific writers can use more than one page in a day and still have enough room for the year.


This PDF version can be printed as many times as needed for your family or class and spiral bound at a copy shop or hole punched and put in a binder. We also sell a paperback, spiral bound version of the same journal.




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  1. Melanie W.

    Nice journal setup.

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