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The Art Sketchbook is a place for your kids to draw, paint, and record what they are learning about art history and famous artists as you explore art with the Layers of Learning curriculum.


Your kids create a sketchbook page in each unit of Layers of Learning.  Kids can fill it with drawings and captions and can even paste in clipart, artist bios, or other pictures as they learn about famous artwork and the elements artists use to create it.  There are also pages at the back for extra creative sketches.

Using Your Art Sketchbook

As you learn about art history, famous artwork, and the techniques artists use, you will record that information in your sketchbook.  It is a combination sketchbook and narration space for kids to draw, write captions, paste printables, and keep track of what they learn in each Layers of Learning unit.

Each 2-page spread includes a title of the art focus of the unit at the top.  You’ll also encounter prompts, frames, and sketchbook ideas within the pages.

Example Pages

Here is an example of a page we did after learning about cave paintings with Layers of Learning Unit 1-1. We focused mostly on Lascaux cave, this time around.  Next time we might focus more on primitive art closer to our home. Your pages should reflect the things you learned and are interested in.

Most of the page space is blank for you to fill in using your creativity and the things that interest you. But there are also prompts like the one on this page “Add earth-toned hues to the pallette.”
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1 review for Art Sketchbook

  1. Leslie Stranathan

    Our family is really enjoying the art sketchbook this year. The pages list each unit title and give plenty of space for student artwork. The occasional prompts throughout the book have been very engaging and add an extra layer of understanding. It’s wonderful to have each child be able to complete their art and have a beautiful record of what they’ve learned all in one!

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