People & Planet: A Family-Style Geography Program Paperback


People & Planet is a geography course from Layers of Learning. Written to be used with ages 6 to 18, family-style, this covers the continents and regions of the world as well as physical geography of climate, landscapes, and earth structure.


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People & Planet is a geography course that covers maps & globes, physical geography of landforms, climates, natural disasters, soil & rocks, ecological issues, water, biomes, and natural resources as well as a tour to each continent, the oceans, and the polar regions.

A Pick-and-Choose Curriculum

A mentor uses People & Planet to custom tailor learning to the students. The mentor chooses from among the library book recommendations, video recommendations, and activity ideas presented in the book. Mentors and students learn together as they read, watch, craft, cook, play, and create.  To complete the activities you will need craft supplies, a student atlas, and some household items. This course was designed for multiple ages or abilities of students to learn together in a homeschool or classroom.

Inside view of Polar Regions unit

Nine Month-Long Units

People & Planet includes nine units, one for each month of your school year.

  1. Maps & Globes
  2. Africa
  3. Asia
  4. South America
  5. Oceania
  6. North America
  7. Europe
  8. Polar Regions
  9. Oceans


Each unit intentionally contains more information and activities than you will be able to complete. The mentor chooses among the options to design a course just for his or her students. Then, in four years, once the entire Layers of Learning cycle has been completed, you all return to the book and do new activities at a higher level of learning. This course was designed for multiple ages or abilities of students to learn together in a homeschool or classroom and contains activities that will appeal to little ones and to high schoolers, often at the same time.

Digital Printable Pack

A set of Printable Packs of worksheets, paper crafts, foldables, maps, and activities is included with this book. Your Printable Packs can be downloaded from your receipt at Layers of Learning or retrieved from your account.

A zip file of nine Printable Packs, one for each unit, comes with the purchase of the People & Planet geography course.


Student Journal

As students learn about the world they are asked to assemble their own World Explorer Journal. You can purchase printable or paperback copies of the World Explorer Journal. If you prefer you can use an art sketchbook to make your own.

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