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Word Work is a spelling and vocabulary program for kids from beginners to college prep.  It includes a how-to-teach-spelling guide, games, activities, printables, and lists of words to use.


Word Work is a spelling and vocabulary program for kids from beginners to college prep. It includes instructions on how to teach spelling, word roots, and vocabulary coupled with lots of games and activities to make spelling fun.

It includes:

  • A guide to help you learn how to teach spelling and vocab, plus dozens of fun activities
  • A Printable Pack with printables to pair with any spelling list
  • A word list of spelling and vocab words to use if you choose

You can use the games, printables, and activities with any spelling list, including your favorite one. But we did include lists of words to use for spelling and vocab at whatever level your child is at, should you choose to use them.

Our favorite sort of spelling list though?  Use words from your child’s writing. This is the most effective and authentic way to learn spelling.

How You Use It

Start with the spelling list. You can use any spelling list or program along with Layers of Learning Word Work.  We do also include lists of words to use. Layers of Learning lists are based on spelling families or types of words (like contractions or homophones) alternating with lots of common words.  Each list has ten words for the week, 36 weeks for a whole year of spelling, for 8 levels of spelling (8 years of spelling words). Every six weeks there is a review where the parent writes in words the child is still struggling with.

But our favorite way to do spelling, something we hope you will try, is to gather words from each child’s writing to add to a list. The words your children are actually using are the ones they need to learn most.  In the Word Work guide, we’ll show you how to do that too.

Next, make spelling more memorable and a whole lot more fun by using printables, games, physical activities, and hands-on work.  You pick and choose between dozens of activity ideas inside the Word Work guide, one per day, for about 10 minutes of Word Work each day.

When children are between 7th and 9th grade you can begin adding in or transitioning to learning word roots.  Then in high school transition over to learning big words, words that you might find on college entrance exams or that would be used in higher level reading and writing. Word roots and big words lists are also included in Word Work.

Printable Pack

This unit comes with a Printable Pack of printables that go with any spelling list. The Printable Pack will be delivered along with your purchase, right on your receipt.



40 (Word Work), 40 (Word Work Printable Pack), 74 (Word Work Lists)


Ages 5-18



More Unit Resources

These are resources to use during Word Work, or any time you are writing and spelling.  Some of them, like the online dictionary or thesaurus, you might want to bookmark in your child’s OneNote Planner.


2 reviews for Word Work – PDF

  1. Margarita D.

    I love how there’s so many options especially for learners who struggle so hard. Like my son who I suspect has dyslexia.

  2. tracy.dababseh

    I love the simplicity of the lists layout, my girls love the fun activities!

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