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The Year 1 Bundle includes all 20 units of Layers of Learning Year 1.


The Year 1 Bundle includes all twenty of the Year 1 units.  In each of the 20 units, you’ll find four components – history, geography, science, and art.  Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in Year 1.


Layers of Learning Year 1 covers ancient history. It’s an overview of the history of
civilization, beginning with the Fertile Crescent up through the fall of ancient Rome. It
includes ancient peoples from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Notable
civilizations that are included are the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Japanese,
Persians, Celts, and Romans. Lesser known peoples are also explored, including the
Phoenicians, African tribal peoples, Arabians, and the scattered peoples of early
Europe. Christianity is explored from a historical standpoint as well.


Geography concepts and continent studies are the focus of Layers of Learning Year 1.
Maps and globes, including mapping skills, map keys, and kinds of maps are all
included. Each of the major biomes, including oceans, deserts, polar regions, forests,
mountains, rivers, lakes, grasslands, and oceans are all explored. Finally, each of the
seven continents has its own unit.


There are units from each of the four branches of science in Layers of Learning Science
Year 1. The physical science component includes laws of motion, fluids, waves, and
machines. The earth science component includes a general study of the earth as a
planet as well as an astronomy unit covering galaxies, planets, stars, satellites, and
space exploration. The chemistry section comprises matter, atoms, elements and the
Periodic Table, bonding, and salts. The biology component is a study of plants,
including both simple plants and flowering plants as well as trees. There is also a unit on


Layers of Learning Year 1 corresponds with the historical units and covers ancient art
from around the world. Cave paintings, Egyptian art, Greek art, South American art,
and Roman art are included. There are also four units about literature and poetry and four
units on music. Finally, each of the elements of art is covered, including line, shape,
color & value, texture, and form. The art emphasis is a synthesis of art analysis, historical
context, and creative hands-on art projects.

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PY101-YEAR1 – Set of 20 Paperback Books
DY101-YEAR1 – 20 Digital PDFs (plus links to download the Printable Packs)
DY101-YEAR1PP – 20 Digital Printable Pack PDFs

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Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and bookmark Layers of Learning on YouTube.  This will provide you with a quick way to check out the YouTube Playlists that accompany each unit.

In addition, every unit page within our catalog has a “Links & Videos” Tab with constantly updated links and a portal to the YouTube playlist for that specific unit.


Layers of Learning Pinterest Boards

We invite you to the Layers of Learning Pinterest Page.  Karen and Michelle, the authors of Layers of Learning continually share more ideas to create a rich, vibrant homeschool in your home. The ideas are all organized by school subject.

19 reviews for Year 1 Bundle

  1. Kyle B.

    I discovered Layers of Learning while searching for ways to make my current homeschool history curriculum more organic and enjoyable. I loved this product so much that I ended up ditching what I was using mid-year and purchasing the entire Year 1 curriculum. We are now on Unit 1-16 and fully intend to continue with Year 2. My kids especially love that each year contains work in each of the science disciplines (many classical approach programs do biology one year, chemistry the next, etc.) The format is not step-by-step, so this curriculum requires a bit more planning than some others, but it’s well worth the effort. We love how each unit stands alone but also “build” upon one another brilliantly. Hands-down my favorite homeschool find so far!

  2. Lisa D.

    History, Science, Geography and the Arts – it’s all in here! This is a complete unit study! Great side notes that you can choose to do additional research on. You can make it as simple or go deep with it! The information provided was thorough and accurate! A+ resource!

  3. Erin Loughmiller

    I just received our first year curriculum from Layers of Learning, and I am so excited!!! It is so informative, and it has many fun things to do with my children. We are going to have a blast this year learning about ancient history. Thank you!!!

  4. Deanne – Rainbow Resource Reviewer

    As a firm believer in the value of unit studies for homeschool families, I was delighted to have the opportunity to review this winning new curriculum. Written for a wide grade range of 1-12, parents with younger children will easily have enough materials to include their little ones in the topical studies, making this truly a unit study for all ages!

    Presenting a chronological, four-year cyclical approach to history, Layers of Learning is a well-organized yearly study that is available in bite-size pieces. This complete curriculum provides instruction in history, geography, science and the arts. You will need to add grade-appropriate math, phonics/spelling, and writing instruction (writing activities are included).

    Each yearly study is uniquely divided into units that are sold separately. The units are designed to take two weeks, although based on the amount of resources included, these could easily extend into longer periods of learning. Each unit is formatted similarly. The unit activities are separated into three grade ranges – Grades 1-4, Grades 5-8 and Grades 9-12, although parents will easily be able to move about the levels to best meet their children’s learning needs. At the beginning of the unit, a list of suggested library resources is given providing you with the tools to add a living literature or Charlotte Mason flavor to the studies. The author emphasizes that the book lists are strictly optional and have been provided for additional topic study. The units are divided into 4 areas: Explorations (hands-on activities), Experiments (Science), Expeditions (field trip suggestions) and Explanations (additional teaching notes). All of the background information is written in an easy-to-understand language that students could read independently or could be read aloud as a family. Within the textual information are “Teacher Tips” boxes that provide specific helps and ideas. Also scattered about in the margin area are “Fabulous Facts” that bring interesting or unique information about the topic, “Writing Workshop” boxes containing a variety of writing prompts to give students writing practice related to the topic studied, and “Additional Layer” boxes. These are suggestions designed to enhance learning in the topic area for families who would like to extend the study through carefully selected rabbit trails. A beautiful aspect of this curriculum is the lack of daily lesson divisions, which allows families to control their own learning experience. It is also important to mention that the authors have given us a guided tour of history and not just a series of activities to be completed, meaning you are free to select the learning paths that best fits your family needs.

    During Year One, students will study the historical time period of Ancient Times through 400 AD – Mesopotamia through the Roman Empire. Written from a neutral religious perspective, Christianity is covered for its historical importance and not from a definitive Christian perspective. Geographically, students will learn about maps, geography of ancient times, reading map keys, landforms and much more. Science covers planets, stars, earth and moon, satellites, humans in space, laws of motion, machines, states of matter, atoms, elements, plants, fungi and more. A sampling of the content in the art studies includes cave paintings, Egyptian art, Greek Art, poetry, moral stories, rhythm, melody, Chinese Art, line and shape, color and value, texture and forms, African tales, Roman Art, instruments, composing and more.

    Year Two continues chronologically from the Medieval Period (400 AD) to the Renaissance – Byzantines through the Explorers. Students will learn world geography as they study countries around the world. Corresponding science topics include climate/seasons, weather forecasting, wild weather, cells and DNA, skeletons, muscles, skin and cardiopulmonary systems, digestive system, senses, nerves, health, metals and non-metals, carbon chemistry, gases, electricity, circuits, technology, magnetism and motors. Represented in the arts are Byzantine art, illumination, Viking Art, King Arthur’s tales, Canterbury Tales, gothic art, religious art, oil paints, printmaking, textiles, Indian legends, poetry and more.

    Years Three and Four are currently being developed. Year Three will focus on the Colonial Period – Age of Exploration to the American Independence and continue with the countries around the world studies. Science topics include zoology, sound and light and geology. Within the Arts, students will learn about colonial art, fairy tales, classical music, art skills and Shakespeare. Year Four targets Modern Times-specifically the past 200 years. US Geography is the focus with a study of all 50 states and an in-depth study of your state. Science will cover heat and energy, earth science, ecology and chemical applications. The art focus is modern art and modern music, poetry, and theatre and film.

    Since this program is cyclic in nature, once you have completed Year Four, you can then start again at Year One completing the next level of activities. Families electing to begin with older students will also want to begin at Year One in order to see the big picture of history.

    While designed to be a comprehensive unit study, some families may prefer to utilize this holistic learning process to supplement textbook learning. With the ability to purchase each unit independently, this is an excellent way to try out the program, to supplement your current curriculum with hands-on activities or to stay on track with your homeschool budget. For your convenience, we have provided a resource package per year which offers a sampling of the suggested resources. See our website for details.

    Recommended for the study are: a 3-ring binder, a children’s encyclopedia (for example the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History(#018005 or #000979 or the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia #003618), a student atlas (DK Student Atlas #00000), and a Science Encyclopedia (DK Encyclopedia of Science #004894).

    I appreciated that this curriculum is clearly laid out, easy to navigate and adaptable. The textual information is thorough enough to provide instruction in the main concept areas, and the activities are clearly explained, using commonly found items. The supplemental writing suggestions provided were varied and enjoyable, such as making an acrostic poem about a globe or creating a personal cookbook. Each softcover book provides full-color illustrations and graphics. Also included are blackline masters and templates for creating a personal notebook. The authors have also provided a coupon code for a free digital pack of all the printables, making it more convenient to reproduce the masters for multiple students.

  5. Kori

    I just wanted to comment on your customer service and how outstanding it is! Thank you for your immediate help (was not expecting an answer in the middle of the night – when are you sleeping?). We loved the first unit that we tried on trial basis and just bought the first year. Can’t wait to get started! Thank you.

  6. Katrina O.

    “We love the bright pictures and maps.”

    We have truly enjoyed layers of learning so far! I have the pdf files on my laptop. We love the bright pictures and maps. This is a great supplement for our history and geography cycles. We do try to go through the 4 main cycles of history according to the Classical Christian method. This program is neutral so anyone can use it, secular or Christian. I highly recommend visiting the website for a free download of the first unit if you want to see it all or use it on your tablet, laptop or pc.

  7. Ellen Pecchia

    I am so happy we chose Layers of Learning. This year has been a very difficult one for us. This curriculum has given me
    Stuuctured content, flexibility and family style learning. Not only is the content superior but the company founders and community are amazing. Supportive and helpful! Thank you Layers of Learning!!!

  8. Helen Koenig

    I love this curricula! I have lusted after this and have had a hard time waiting until my grandkids were old enough for me to buy it!

  9. Carmen Stodden

    Our family is enjoying this family-style curriculum so much! Each unit we are digging into the topics with fun, meaningful activities and learning in a way I wish I had learned growing up. Plus, we are all learning together (kids ages 4-14). Thanks you so much for creating this resource!

  10. goodrichk42

    Layers of Learning is the perfect fit for our home school learning adventure. We have finished year 1 and started on year 2. We all like the general structure of the curriculum and the fact that it allows for so much flexibility! As any educator knows we all learn differently, so this curriculum allows for the learners in our house to explore topics in their own way. We all LOVE Layers of Learning!! Often the kids cheer if I tell them the lesson is from Layers!

  11. Tina

    As a first time homeschooling parent I was so relieved to find layers of learning!! I knew I wanted family style learning that was secular but most family style curriculums are religious. This fit perfectly for what I wanted to teach my kids. I love that it’s more of a guide for me verses most do lessons. I am able to pull in so many things that line up with what I want my children to learn about in history and keep learning science when my kids are super into the unit. This is definitely the highlight of our homeschooling day.

  12. Melissa Kirk

    We love it & thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I know you put your heart and soul into it & it shows!!!! LOL is such and amazing curriculum & unit studies are by far our favorite and I can totally say I’ve learned as much as they have. My kids have such a thirst for knowledge & love of learning because of it!!!! Thank You

  13. Lindsay G.

    I found Layers of Learning while searching for different schooling styles. We have a relaxed unschooling environment and this curriculum is perfect for us. It gives us the freedom to skim uninteresting topics and dive deep in things they love. It is easy to teach multiple grades and individualize it to meet the needs of each child. We can’t wait to try out every year!

  14. Natalie Turnbull

    Amazing homeschool product and great mums that run it.

  15. Brianne

    I have four kids in grades ranging from 1st-5th. We are almost finished with Year 1 and absolutely love it! Our last curriculum was open and go but it was so boring. I really appreciate that I can pick and choose activities that fit our family. There are so many choices to help our kids learn.

  16. Samantha

    This curriculum has restored the JOY of teaching all of my children at one time. High school, middle school and elementary. In love ♥️😍

  17. hollygodbehere

    We have done Year 1 two rotations, now. The opportunity for learning is forever growing with your kids and this curriculum!! No matter how “deep” we dived into the information first time, there was still so much to learn the second time around. I love the rotations approach with adjusted levels of learning by age, it groups its so well for family style learning for all ages!!

  18. Maureen

    We love Layers of Learning!
    My children ask to do Layers of Learning first thing in the morning. It has brought back the love of learning!
    Learning together has given this Mama a joyful heart!
    Karen and Michele are always there to help if there are questions or if you need any kind of help.
    Layers of Learning is the best choice for our children , ages 16 & 12.

  19. Ashley Morgan

    Exactly what I needed to begin our first year of homeschooling with 3 kids at 3 different levels! They even included printables to help keep my toddler entertained and included in the fun!

  20. Lisa Barbiero

    Can I purchase year 1 already printed? I only have a black and white printer.
    I really want to purchase this. It seems like a good fit for my child.

    • Layers of Learning

      We no longer sell the paperback versions of these books. They have been replaced with the New Layers of Learning history, geography, science, and arts (check the catalog). As of right now the Classic Layers of Learning books are still sold on Amazon, but they will be taken down from there soon as well.

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