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Layers of Learning How-Tos

While you're waiting, check out these articles that will help you get started with Layers of Learning or go read the Curriculum Guide.

Four Year Cycle

The four year cycle is a method of organizing a curriculum or school course. Students learn the entire scope of history, geography, science, and arts over a four year period, then they repeat their studies twice more before graduation.

Printing Layers of Learning Units

If you purchased Layers of Learning units in the PDF form, you may want to print them, put them into a binder, and keep them together as a whole course. Psst! You don’t have to print the units though, learn how to use Layers of Learning straight from your tablet. You will need a 2 […]

Family Learning Together

The Magic of Family-Style Homeschooling

Family-style homeschooling means everyone learning together. Build relationships, encourage one another, learn happily. Together.

Layers of Learning supplies

Basic Supplies You Need To Start Layers of Learning

Here’s a list of basic materials you need to start Layers of Learning. Most things you probably already have on hand. Also, get a printable checklist for basic supplies.

Correlation Charts, Videos, & Booklists to Supplement Layers of Learning

If you have trouble finding perfect library books to go with Layers of Learning, take advantage of the spine books with correlation charts, YouTube playlists, and other resources you’ll find right here.

Layers of Learning Notebooks and Printable Covers

Keeping your homeschool organized will save you time and a lot of grief! There are lots of ways to keep your homeschool organized; some of our favorite tools are our Layers of Learning Notebooks. These are student notebooks for each child. Students will keep much of the work they complete while using Layers of Learning […]

What Do I Need To Get Started?

To get started using Layers of Learning, you need one copy of each course you want to use. The course book is for the mentor to use in planning and presenting lessons. Your whole family will be learning together. Layers of Learning offers courses in history, geography, science, arts, and language arts.

Printables to use with your children come with the course. Each child will also need a binder with dividers. In addition we recommend making or buying student journals for each child.

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