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This unit teaches about architecture, painting, sculpting, and mosaics of the late medieval period in Europe. It is a hands-on unit where kids learn art history and how to analyze art while doing art. For a mentor to use with ages 6 to 18.


Late Medieval Art is the fifth unit in the Middle Ages Arts course. This unit is about the mosaics, stained glass, diptyches and triptyches, and frescoes that were made in Europe during the late middle ages. Both Romanesque and Gothic art periods are covered and explained.

This unit contains sections on:

  • Romanesque
  • Gothic

Layers of Learning is an activity-based program. The mentor chooses from among the activities in the unit to create mental hooks for learning. Some of the activities in this unit include:

  • Make a Romanesque hex book for your Art Sketchbook while examining the Crypt of San Isadora
  • Simulate the craft of bronze casting in your kitchen
  • Engineer your own Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Paint your own medieval diptych on wood panels
  • Do a close examination and sketches of the Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Illustrate your own Book of Hours page
  • Analyze the Wilton Diptych
  • And much more!

Each Layers of Learning Arts unit includes library lists of books, a family read-aloud suggestion, hands-on activities, printables and paper crafts, sidebars for extra learning, and tools to help you assess student’s progress and mastery. You can learn more about how Layers of Learning works in the Curriculum Guide or learn to teach art with the Arts Guidebook for mentors.

See Inside

Here is the inside view of a double page spread from Late Medieval Art:

Late Medieval Art sample pages

This shows the Explorations, or activities in the unit. Each Exploration is a day’s lesson plan. In the “Bronze Sculptures” exploration, above, you can see a supply list, followed by a short explanatory paragraph, and then a numbered list of steps to complete the lesson. The curriculum is pick-and-choose, so you select which Explorations you would like to do out of the many choices.


This unit was written to be used for a month but contains plenty of content for many more weeks of learning if you choose. This is a pick-and-choose curriculum, meant to be cycled back to in the future when your child is older. As such, it intentionally includes far more material than you can possibly cover in a month.

Late Medieval Art is also part of the overall Middle Ages Arts course, the second Year of the four year Layers of Learning Arts cycle. If you use the program in order, it will take you though the art in chronological order, tracking with the Layers of Learning History units. However, each unit stands alone and can be used independently of any other unit.

Printable Pack

This unit comes with a downloadable Printable Pack that includes all the student worksheets. The printables can be copied as many times as needed for your family or class.

You can download the Printable Pack from your receipt or from your account at Layers of Learning.

Late Medieval Art Printable Pack

Here you see the cover and two of the printables from the Late Medieval Arts unit. This unit contains 14 printables that coordinate with the Explorations in the unit. The Printable Pack is included in the purchase of the unit.

Extra Resources

This unit comes with extra weblinks and a YouTube video playlist on the Middle Ages Arts Resources page.


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